Futuristic transportation we’ll see in our future

Futuristic Transport
Photo by Marvin Meyer on Unsplash

Much to the disappointment of many Back to the Future fans, we never got our banana skin powered flying cars. But, what could the future of transportation still hold?

It’s thought that by 2035, 90% of cars will be driverless and electric. But with 31.7 million cars on UK roads alone, there’s a big push to reduce congestion by promoting the benefits of public transport. Could this be the answer, and how will it be achieved?

1. Hyperloop Trains

You could soon be sitting in a pod, shooting at high speeds through vacuum tubes to get to your destination. The Hyperloop train could get you from Edinburgh to London in 41 minutes.

Hyperloop trains are being tested in Nevada, to ensure that they’re safe as they travel up to 600mph.

2. Hypersonic Aircraft

Hypersonic planes could take you to the other side of the world is a little less than five hours.

Concorde, the first supersonic passenger jet, launched in 1976. It made its last flight in 2003. Concorde has a cruise speed of 1,340 mph, flying from England to the US in less than half the time of other commercial jets. Today, technologies have developed even further. Concorde’s little brother could fly at up to 4.5 times the speed of sound!

3. City-Friendly Scooting

Electric scooters are becoming increasingly popular, but are still illegal in the UK due, in part, to concerns about accidents.

The scooters of the future could not just be legal but also designed to avoid crashes and collisions. Swarm technology could be used to keep scooters at sensible differences. Each scooter could take into account the proximity of nearby objects, as well as other scooters, to automatically travel at the correct speed and dodge any nearby obstacles.

For people that prefer to avoid public transport and get around the city on their own, these swarming scooters could really improve the daily commute.

4. Elevator to Space

A cable, stretching 60,000 miles into the sky, could hold the first elevator to space. Can you imagine the views from the world’s first space elevator, which may exist in time for your retirement?

5. Delivery Drones

When thinking about the future of transportation, we also have to consider how goods will be transported.

Delivery drones will allow goods to be packaged into smaller spaces, with no need for a human driver. Drones can be programmed with destinations, and make deliveries without any further human input.

Drone test flights by Amazon Prime Air have been successful, and at Legoland, Windsor they’ve even tested using drones to deliver ice creams! Visitors can order ice cream on their phone from anywhere in the park, to have it flown to their location by a drone with their order in a basket.


Where we’re going, we don’t need roads. Many futuristic transportation options will allow more freedom of movement. From swarming technology on the ground to hypersonic aircraft over our heads, single-file traffic could soon be a thing of the past.


Clay Morrison is a writer with an interest in all sorts of topics. He never learned to drive, so he’s particularly interested in the future of public transport!