2nd Edition EV Charging Infrastructure Forum: The Future of Energy Industry

    Start date: June 19, 2019
    End date: June 20, 2019
    Time: 12:00 am - 12:00 am
    Location: Leonardo Hotel Hamburg City Nord, Hamburg, Germany
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    2nd Edition is organized in 2019 after the success of the past annual to continue the discussion on the challenges and opportunities associated with developing a charging infrastructure network. The agenda of the meeting is built around trends and projections for e-mobility and charging infrastructure, challenges and developments in advanced charging technologies, lessons learnt and next steps for public charging, vehicle-to-grid integration, heavy duty e-mobility, consumer-centric e-mobility market, etc. Update about the Forum: Energy Sector Group on LinkedIn

    In Focus:

    • EV Fast Charging Infrastructures and eMobility Charging Services
    • Charging Infrastructure in a Metropolitan Context
    • Smart Charging of Electric Vehicles for Fleet Operators
    • Integration between Charging Technology Provider with Energy Provider
    • Scaling a profitable Charging Network according to User needs
    • What EV Charging Infrastructure is the best fit for the EU
    • Charging Infrastructure from a TSO perspective