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Smart cities and urban developmentSmartCity.Press is an independent research and news website created with a vision of spreading the words of knowledge, progress, and transformation that take place in the real world of smart cities.

The phrase ‘smart city’ came into existence towards the beginning of the 21st century with the conception of incorporating information and communication technology(ICT) into developing the urban spaces. Since then, the definition has extended to link with the inclusive future of the cities. Our focus is set on 7 pillars that support the constitution and existence of a smart city:


Fossil fuels are on the verge of exhaustion in the near future. Hence, cities need to be future ready for the post-fossil fuel era. Every smart city’s priority lies in combating global warming, sudden climatic changes, and increasing environmental pollution. SmartCity.Press provides a distinct platform that creates environmental awareness and indirectly helps the smart cities in conceiving the new strategies being implemented around the world to overcome the adverse climatic changes.


Smart city citizens are daily commuters who constantly rely on the traffic and transport infrastructure of their city. That’s where smart mobility comes into the light with innovation, accessibility, affordability, and safety. A compact, efficient and user-friendly transport system is what makes the pillar of mobility strong. Our website provides smart solutions by showcasing the smart mobility systems adopted around the world.


The overall infrastructure of a city stands on energy consumption. Reducing energy and consumption of crude materials and focusing on resource management is a major energy concern of a smart city. The website focuses on how smart supply integrated with renewable energy consumption is ready to shape the sustainable future of smart cities. This helps the smart cities in serving as inspiration to each other.


Society is the hallmark of a city. Active participation of a civil society in transforming cities into smart cities is crucial. Enhancement accompanied by technological advancement in the areas of health, education, culture, personal safety and social cohesion add to a strong society. Moving forward in this context, our website helps build stronger societies by focusing on the opportunities and challenges which come along the way.


A smart city serves as an important platform which can create a high quality life for its people. Other six pillars mentioned here contribute towards better living or what is phrased today as ‘smart living’. What is smart living and how to achieve a better living is what the website aims the attention at. Increase in number of jobs results in growth of economy which in turn improves living.


A smart government plans, coordinates and executes processes with active public participation. It’s a government that works holistically in accomplishing the far-reaching goals. Our website helps the smart cities rephrase the definition of government by addressing the smart city challenges with a collaborative effort.


Smart technologiesTechnology has hundreds of different names today which include innovation, big data, smart digital devices, internet of things wireless networking and lots more. Technology appears to be the most persuasive weapon that’s aiding in making a smart city a reality. Our website helps in drawing a line of connection between the consumers and the creators of technology.

Our objective is to provide in-depth research and analysis in the following areas:

  1. Best practices being adopted by different cities all over the world – More than hundred cities across the globe are moving ahead with a goal to make their city the smartest in the world. It’s a global competition seeking joint ventures and collaborative efforts. By exploring the possibilities of the same, myriad forms of policies and initiatives are being employed beautifully by the cities to enhance the quality of life.
  2. New technology and innovations shaping the smart city space – The cities are actively involved in reshaping the infrastructure of their urban areas with collaborative innovations and strategic intelligence. Smart grids, smart water recycling technologies, smart parking systems, smart home devices and much more is being deployed to rebuild a strong and efficient infrastructure.

Our Mission

We at SmartCity.Press, carry out an unbiased, conglomerate research on the facts and figures, developments and practices adopted by smart cities. Our roots remain deeply ingrained in the field of smart city developments and related events taking place around the world. Our service is purely knowledge-oriented. We focus on delivering useful information to help our readers gain insight into the happenings of the urban spaces.

Our mission is to help cities become smarter utilising their resources well. On the road to accomplishing smart city goals, there are infinite challenges that come along the way. Each city has its own ups and downs that requires an inclusive approach in facing the challenges. That’s where our website serves as a platform that influences and inspires the cities in harvesting replicable models from other cities, hence catalysing the creation of similar smart cities.

Cities are all about their citizens. A smart city is a product jointly manufactured by the constant efforts of governments and the citizens. Our website shares information that could help citizens develop better communities. By using the term better communities, we mean to spread awareness among the citizens around the world about the significance of developing smart cities for a resourceful future.

As we look forward towards establishing a smart sustainable future for urban regions, we will continue to advance and enrich our service offerings on a regular basis.

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