6 Amazing Environmental Benefits of Living in a Studio Apartment

More and more people today are moving from villages and towns to big cities. With the city population growing rapidly, finding affordable accommodation has turned into a real challenge, especially in big entertainment and business urban environments. For that reason, many city folks are choosing to downsize to small studio apartments to adapt to a changing city landscape and ensure they have an affordable place to live.

 Living in a smaller space has many perks and flows for the dwellers, but it carries nothing but benefits for the environment. Here’s why living in studios is green and sustainable: 

Lower energy consumption

Obviously, the first perk is lower energy consumption. When you live in a small apartment, it takes a lot less energy to heat and cool it, which means you’ll lower energy consumption and carbon emission. Heating and cooling a home is especially damaging for the environment, and it doesn’t really matter what kind of HVAC system you use, every time you fire it up, it produces a lot of negative impact on the planet. However, when you downsize, you can drop your heating and cooling requirements, save a lot of money and help protect the environment. Sometimes, with mall studios, utilities are included in the rent, so you don’t even have to think about your bills! 

Fewer retail items

Did you know that an average western household has around 300,000 items! There’s no way you can put that many things in a studio apartment, so you will reduce mindless shopping habits and minimize clutter in your space. When you have the smaller square footage to work with, you don’t have to waste money on filling up your space. You will minimize your need for retail consumption and be forced to declutter your life, recycling and donating everything you don’t need. Once you develop your mindfulness, you won’t have the need to consume that much and you’ll reduce landfill waste and production pollution. 

Community-shared resources

Many people today, especially younger business-oriented people, choose to live in serviced apartments rather than in traditional studios. These serviced studios for rent are a part of a larger communal building that has separate private sleeping rooms and bathrooms and shared communal areas like kitchens, lounges, laundry rooms and roof space. Studios like these also offer additional perks like housekeeping, so they are perfect for busy individuals or people who are still getting used to solo life. You can usually find these in big urban centers, so they are very practical, accessible and affordable. Since you share some facilities, the energy and water consumption is lower, so you and the environment can benefit in many ways. 

Shorter commute

Like we said above, small studio apartments take up less space and require less money to be built. Therefore, they are very popular in major metropolises around the world. Because they take up less space and require smaller expenses, they can be built in prime locations that are close to the city center and all important business hubs. This means that people who live in these studios don’t need to commute to work and everything they need is located within walking distance. Studio apartment users rarely need a car—a bike or electric scooter will be more than enough for all their transportation needs. Cars and public transportation are huge polluters and emitters of greenhouse gases, so you will get to minimize your carbon footprint and make your city a little easier to breathe in. 

Lower chemical pollution

It’s very obvious that smaller square footage apartments are easier to keep clean than huge mansions. With fewer surfaces to keep clean, you don’t have to waste that much chemical cleaner which is harmful to the environment. In some cases, cleaning big houses requires several bottles of chemical cleaners to scrub thoroughly! On the other hand, small spaces will reduce commercial cleaner use and keep our soil and water sources free of toxic pollutants. 

More time spent outside

Lastly, living in small studio apartments will encourage you to spend more time outside, exploring the world around you and meeting new people. This habit is very beneficial, especially for people who are introverts looking to socialize and be more outdoorsy. Spending more time outside will certainly make you feel happier and calmer, so you can expect to enjoy a more stable mental health condition. 

People who spend time outside are also more physically active and have a reduced risk of suffering from vitamin D deficiency by exposing themselves to the sun regularly. They also report healthier weight! Spending time away from home will also reduce your electricity usage, which in turn boosts energy savings and minimizes environmental impact. 

Living in small studio apartments does require some sacrifices, but once you embrace minimalism and discover all its benefits, you’ll grow to love your cozy home. Plus, the planet Earth will be more than grateful for your decision to downgrade—everyone wins!